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iSpectrum 336W Bundle LED Grow Light

2-Channel Spectrum: GROW & BLOOM
Coverage: up to 160 cm x 160 cm (5.3 ft x 5.3 ft)
Outperforms 600W HPS in efficiency and intensity
More than 8 years lifespan*
* when operating 16h per day

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Wide coverage is very important

The distribution of multiple iSpectrum modules over the canopy ensures an even and shadow-free illumination. The overlapping of light beams creates a diffused light that penetrates the plants from multiple angles, reaching deep into the lower branches. Hidden within the waterproof housing, our intelligent iSpectrum platform enables easy adjustment of GROW & BLOOM spectrum and precise manipulation of your plant’s growth characteristics. The iSpectrum is one of the most efficient LED Grow Lights on the market, producing 35% more plant-beneficial light per watt than high-pressure sodium (HPS) while generating less than 60% heat.


High Performance

With only 336 Watts, this iSpectrum bundle brings an impressive number of photons to the plant canopy. The photon flux (PPF) of 876 μmol/s (> 2.6 PPF / Watt) provides high light intensities on the recommended illumination surface and ensures high photosynthesis rates.


Auto Soft-Start

A sudden change from dark to high light intensities leads to light stress in plants. The automatic soft-start smoothly increases light intensity, mimicking a morning sunrise and leading to reduced plant stress and improved overall plant growth efficiency.


Made in Switzerland

Made only from the finest components, the iSpectrum is a secure investment and guarantees long and maintenance-free operation. Our products are manufactured in Switzerland, where no compromises are made to the detriment of quality and efficiency.


100% Coverage

The arrangement of several iSpectrum modules above the plant canopy ensures a uniform as well as diffuse and shadow-free illumination. The result is homogeneous growth as well as even nutrient and water uptake: for optimum control and consistently high yields.


Grow Smart

Our grow lights contribute to energy cost savings of more than 60%. Compared to conventional luminaries, our systems generate more PAR and produce less heat, all with a longer service life and without the use of highly toxic chemicals.


3 Years Warranty

Even after 60.000 hours or 6 years of continuous operation, the luminosity of the iSpectrum will maintain up to 80%. The iSpectrum runs practically maintenance-free and the replacement of bulbs is a thing of the past, which is why we offer a 3-year warranty.


iSpectrum spectral output

Full Spectrum

The output spectrum (GROW & BLOOM) is specially designed for indoor environments, emitting a wide-banded light, rich in 430nm - 450nm, 530nm - 580nm and 620nm - 660nm wavelengths, which are the key wavelengths for optimal plant growth at all stages. Several light recipes are provided with the iSpectrum, guiding the user to the optimal spectral blend for several plants in their specific cycle.

GROW Spectrum

GROW emits a full spectrum white light with a high portion of blue and promotes compact growth for seedlings, clones and young plants during vegetative growth. The high ratio of blue light reduces leaf size and internode length, making plants grow more bushy. When using GROW in the final stage of flowering, the terpene content in the plant can be significantly increased.

BLOOM Spectrum

BLOOM channel emits a wide spectrum with a high portion of red and deep red wavelengths. It produces a warm white light output that provides the ideal light for nearly all types of fruiting and flowering plants. BLOOM spectrum stimulates the flowering initiation and development of a wide range of plants. Using BLOOM on plants in vegetative stage, the stem growth is stimulated and plants grow with long internodal distance.

PPFD Measurements

Distance iSpectrum LED

iSpectrum PPFD Performance


Power Draw (dimmable)GROW + BLOOM: 0 - 336 Watts
GROW: 0 - 336 Watts
BLOOM: 0 - 336 Watts
Recommended coverageVegetative: 160 cm x 160 cm
Flowering: 100 cm x 100 cm
Recommended distance to plant canopy at full power15-35 cm for high light plants (100 cm x 100 cm / 3.2 ft x 3.2 ft coverage)
35-50 cm for low light plants (160 cm x 160 cm / 5.3 ft x 5.3 ft coverage)
Photon Flux (PPF)GROW & BLOOM: 876 µmol/s; 2.6 µmol/J
GROW: 776 µmol/s
BLOOM: 800 µmol/s
Warranty3 Years on LED Module, 5 Years on Power Supply
What's in the box?4x iSpectrum LED Module
4x Hanging ropes
4x External power supply
4x 4m (13 ft) power cable
User manual
2x Rail System

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iSpectrum 336W Bundle LED Grow Light
2-Channel Spectrum: GROW & BLOOM
Coverage: up to 160 cm x 160 cm (5.3 ft x 5.3 ft)
Outperforms 600W HPS in efficiency and intensity
More than 8 years lifespan*
* when operating 16h per day

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All excite LED system components meet the highest standards of efficiency, quality and durability

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